My next 10 destinations

Limits are imaginary-My next 10 destinations

Imagining myself somewhere far away from the place I am now is some kind of meditation for me. So, let’s meditate together and talk about my next 10 destinations.

A few weeks ago, I could only dream of sitting with my laptop and writing this blog post because some of my decisions take a lot of time and energy (I am referring to changing school for my last year of Masters and, by consequence having to take the GMAT exam). But now that it is in the past I can come back to dreaming and sharing my dreams with you. 


When I was buying a ticket to come back to France with TAP Airlines, I had an option to take a layover in Lisbon, Portugal. I hesitated first but then decided to go directly to Nice because finding my way around with three suitcases – not fun.  After that, I saw 50% of my friends going there and it looks pretty awesome. Therefore, our number one is Lisbon, Portugal. The cherry on the top of this cake is that tickets are cheap. Oh, my beloved Europe, I missed your flight deals. 

Lisbon, Portugal, Limits are imaginary, travel
Lisbon, Portugal (photo by Anna Dziubinska)
Madrid, Spain (photo by Sunyu)


I’ve lived next to Spain for three years and I’ve been there only twice, both times in Barcelona. How about checking other cities?  The one I want to see is Madrid. I’ve heard very different opinions about it and it’s time to make my own. (okay, I am cheating here because I already got a ticket to go there the next day I arrive in Nice)


Since I already started… I also got a ticket to Astana, Kazakhstan. That’s where my best friend lives and I know this trip will be amazing. I wouldn’t think I’d go there any time soon but we are going to live in different countries for the next year and I’m going to miss her so much. Oh, and she is the one who makes all of my visual content, so you know that blogpost from Kazakhstan will be picture heavy.

Astana, Kazakhstan Travel, destinations, limits are imaginary
Astana, Kazakhstan
Santorini, Greece, travelling, destinations, limits are imaginary
Santorini, Greece (photo by Orlando Brooke)


Greece… my dream destination since couple years. I was always planning to go there but it simply hasn’t happened yet. You know how it goes, I don’t need to count all the excuses. Anyway, there’re a lot of must-sees in Greece but pictures of Santorini inspire me the most.


My next destination is in Provence, the place I lived in but haven’t discovered enough. This plan is way more precise: I’m going to need a car, another driver with me and a nice destination for wine tasting. Camargue is a natural region in south of France and not going there will be a crime. Especially, that in couple months I will be living right next to it.

Camargue, France
India and Philippines, travel, destinations, limits are imaginary
Sikkim,India & Palawan,Philippines (photos by Rhys McKay and Sangay Lama)


Till now, all of my destinations where within a few hours flight. It’s time to dream bigger. I tend to chose one “far-far away” for a year. Knowing my schedule for the next academic year though, it’s hard to believe it’s going to happen. But we are dreaming here, right? I believe in magic of positive thinking.  Enough of foreplay, two countries are on my radar: India and Philippines. Both fascinating, breathtaking and insanely desired destinations.  Cross your fingers for me.


Wow, I got fast to the seventh position. Well, there is a place I promised to go to. Not a destination you’d usually see me picking . The place with a lot of beer lovers and not that much of the sun. Ireland, are you waiting for me?

Malin Beg, Co. Donegal, Ireland
Malin Beg, Co. Donegal, Ireland (photo by
Istanbul, Turkey, destinations, travel, limits are imaginary
Istanbul, Turkey (Photo by Daniel Burka)


Turkey is a country I’ve already visited several times but I’ve never been to non-resort cities. I’m just waiting for my Turkish friend to be there so I can have a best guide, discover famous Turkish hospitality and admire unforgatable sunsets with a cup of tea. 


Almost forgot about this one. Talking about friends and destinations, I often get ideas of where to go from people I’m surrounded with. Amalfi Coast in Italy is a good example.  Just look at this picture, who wouldn’t want to go there.

Salerno,Italy ( photo by shutterstock)
Limits are imaginary, destinations, travel


Till now the list was filling up easily but now I am stuck. If you could help me come up with something fascinating but realistic it would be great! Put your idea in comments and maybe we can go together?

As you can see some of my plans are vague some of them are more detailed. The rules are simple: no matter the order, no matter the duration, no matter the purpose: 12 months -10 destinations.

In case you need more recommendations, check out my blog post “Dreaming or planning: what is your next travel destination”

Looking forward to reading your suggestions. 

Sincerely yours,


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