Alone in The New York City

I spent at least 15 minutes trying to start this paragraph but there is so much to tell about New York that I have no idea where to start. To prove my expertise, I have to say that I’ve been in NY during three seasons and have spent in total around one and a half months in this city.

I also have to admit that even though I am always trying to find a good deal for trips, when it comes to the spendings during my stays – I am not your best advisor: I spend a lot for food, shopping, and just random stuff. In my defence, I have a strong belief that nothing worth more than impressions and if I have to spend more than reasonable for something I really want – it’s okay with me (not with my bank account though)

Food for soul


Whenever I go somewhere for more than 2 days, I always visit art museums. New York has a lot to offer in this area. Obviously, you cannot miss the Metropolitan Museum of Arts. Especially now, when it showcases “Heavenly bodies” alongside with usual exposition. MET has recently changed the entrance fee – you’d pay 12$ if you are a student or 25$ for the full ticket. (except if you are a resident of NY or New Jersey state – in this case, you pay what you wish) 


I am not a big fan of contemporary art but I had a great time at MoMA (Modern Museum of Art). If you’d like to save some money, Uniqlo brand hosts free nights at Moma (starting from 4 pm) every Friday. 

Central Park

Every New Yorker wants to live next to a tree that is the reason the city that runs on real estate has such a huge and beautiful park in the center. Just have a walk in The Central Park but don’t walk till late night – it’s very easy to get lost.


I’ll have to confess, watching Gossip Girl influenced my perception of Brooklyn but now if I were to chose the place to live in NY, Dumbo district right next to Brooklyn Bridge – would be in top three. I recommend that you have a walk from Brooklyn to Manhattan on that bridge – it is spectacular. 

The gentleman  featured in the video was an interesting asset to the stay, therefore I leave you a link for a  Walking tour of Brooklyn Heights.

Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach is a nice destination for a walk. You also should go there in case  you are feeling nostalgic about Soviet Union times. This place seems to live in that era. Nonetheless, the beach is wide and long, so check that out. 

High Line Park

High Line Park is placed on an old railroad and gives an amazing perspective of the city. Get yourself a lunch and have a sit at the amphitheater over a busy street.


Columbia library

Columbia library fascinated me with its beauty, I wouldn’t come to read there – way too many tourists – but don’t take it for granted and visit the library at least for cool pics.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

I thought this place deserves it’s own placeholder on this page. Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a magical place to have a walk (a free one if you come on Friday before noon). Don’t plan on having a nice picnic there, food is not allowed (yep, know from my own experience).

A trip outside of New York City

You’ll have a choice when you decide to get out of the city but you definitely should consider going to Niagara Falls. The low-cost version would be taking a bus tour (be aware of hidden cost – 20$ additional service fee paid in the bus and none of the excursions is included) or you could rent a car. While at Niagara Falls – don’t miss on the boat trip (19$), this way you’ll see all the beauty. 

Food for fun

I got a message from a friend on Instagram about the place called “Chikalicious” and decided to visit it. Chica is an owner and the chef of a dessert bar that offers freshly made desserts. You have to book it in advance by email, you’ll pay around 30 dollars for desserts and a drink. I will never forget the taste of strawberries from my grandma’s garden that Chica’s dessert reminded me of.

Food for... food

We were visiting a new place every day but there are so many restaurants and cafes in NYC that I can’t recommend you one over another, the only thing I can do is to tell you about the places I liked the most from what we’ve visited and I leave it for your own judgment. 

Number one pizza in NYC at Juliana’s

Recommended by tour guide and by far the best Pizza I’ve tried in the United States, not in my life though.

Slimak cafe in Brooklyn

Slimak cafe in Brooklyn became our favorite place, it offers brunches on weekends, good coffee and nice atmosphere. Recommended by me and my friends.

Magnolia bakery, New York

Magnolia Bakery

Oh, Magnolia Bakery… I think I could talk about this place forever. I didn’t realize how good it was the first time I tried, but this time I was able to appreciate these divine desserts. Banana pudding and cheesecakes. I say no more.

Secret Art

If you take the Q or B subway trains nearing the Manhattan Bridge, you can spot a weird animation through the window. It is a piece of art of Bill Brand called “Masstransiscope”.

“All time is not enough to discover New York City.”

Now, let me elaborate on the title of this blogpost. For the last four years, I’ve always lived with someone: it was either my best friend or my ex-boyfriend. The perspective of having an apartment for my own in a new city next year is scaring: coming back and not having someone to talk about my day, to complain about school or work, to watch a movie or to share a meal gives me anxiety. 

New York reinforced this feeling: surrounded by thousands of strangers you can feel the loneliest ever because here no one cares if you had a good day. It doesn’t mean they are rude it’s just that this city keeps you so busy and you are so exhausted by the end of the day that you simply cannot care anymore. 

The tour guide you’ve seen on my video is a great representative of a lonely soul in a big city: even though he seems like a person full of joy and happiness, if you have a closer look you’ll see how his coat is ripped, his hat is dirty and he has no one to wipe the dirt or to sew his clothes. 

I know it is extreme to imagine myself at the same place as our tour guide but It just makes me think how much we all need each other. 

So, my closing statement will be: if you have someone who keeps you away from this feeling make something nice for this person, tell them how much you care and how much you need them.

I hope that you find this page useful and that it inspires you for a trip to... well, the destinations doesn't matter really. This world is beautiful everywhere!
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