New Orleans or how to gain 5 pounds in 3 days

New Orleans, United States

This trip had to happen couple months ago but due to US driving license regulation, I couldn’t rent a car so we went to Chicago. And no, this post is not about Chicago, I will eventually write few words about it too but not this time. Today’s post is about a city located in the south of US in Louisiana. This city has a rich history and amazes with its beauty. In my opinion, the city has some questionable parts of history, I am personally still asking myself why it is more French than Spanish when 98% of its architecture is Spanish?  You probably already figured what is the city that I am talking about. New Orleans, ladies and gentleman ( and, yes, I know I have put it in the title =) )

New Orleans was the must-see destination for me since my arrival and yet I kept it until almost the end. The trip was purposely planned for Mardi Gras. I will say straight away unless you plan to come back when its calmer, choose other dates to visit. The streets resemble to some sort of chaos and you are doubting between: ” it is so fun” and ” Am I going to survive this night”.  The first reason for it is that you can drink on the street (I have to admit that it was some kind of pleasure to sip my wine in front of a policeman). Secondly, New Orleans is a must visit for Mardi Gras for all Americans. So, if you like crowded streets, people throwing beads at you from the balcony, parades and hundreds of drunk happy people around you-you know where to go.

But before you go let me give  you some handful bits of advice:

Visit the Sculpture Garden in City Park

This park is located next to the Art Museum. I suggest that you go for a breakfast in “Morning Call” cafe, enjoy your “cafe au lait” and muffuletta (Italian sandwich) with the view of a City Park, once your stomach is full and your mind is ready to perceive some art, take a nice walk in Sculpture Garden

Sculpture Garden New Orleans
Sculpture Garden

Eat some seafood in New Orleans

Ask any American where to eat some good food and you’ll hear about New Orleans. You definitely want to try all kinds of seafood ( I liked the Mother’s restaurant), you may try alligator meat on the French Market if you wish ( as for me it’s like a very bad chicken) but do not miss the po’boy… this sandwich is a must if you go there. I won’t recommend you a particular place, locals can get into a fight when trying to define the best place to have a perfect po’boy. So, let it be your challenge to find your personal favorite. Oh, and be ready to not fit into any of your jeans after this trip but it is totally worth it.

Food of New Orleans
Food of New Orleans

Cafe du Monde – cliché that you don’t want to miss

I am not a big fan of very touristic places but I can’t overlook Cafe du Monde, it is unique and just interesting to see (a small hint: usually the line to wait is quite long, but if you are in hurry, go ahead and take a seat at any table you see even if it’s not cleaned yet.  They don’t clean the table after the customers left but when they arrive.)

Dance in a local bar with the music of 60th

The topic that I can talk about forever is dancing. I love dancing and Twelve Mile Limit Bar was a place to be. You won’t find this bar in the tourist guides and if you do go there you will certainly feel the spirit of this city.

Swamp Tour in New Orleans- yes!yes!yes!

I refuse to see the scenario where you go to New Orleans and miss a swamp tour. It is frightening and breathtaking. I wasn’t surprised to see the alligators but when I saw the raccoons coming so close to the boat I was screaming like a little girl ( well, maybe you won’t be screaming like a little girl but the experience will be very pleasant)

Swamp Tour New Orleans
Swamp Tour

I hope you enjoyed the reading and found some handfull advice. My next trip is in three weeks and if you are one of the first three people to guess my destination you’ll get a postcard from my journey. Write your guesses in comments under this article.

Have safe and memorable trips!






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