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Dear readers, first thanks a lot for visiting my lifestyle and traveling blog. It is such a strange feeling to know that you – people that I may not know – will be actually reading what I will share here.

I had this idea of creating a traveling blog for many years, but somehow I always found a reason not to start it – my move to France, classes at University, and more recently my one-year international exchange in Knoxville, Tennessee. My social media class gave me the ‘little push in the back’ that I needed, and here I am today, writing my first post on my very own blog.

What should you expect here?

To be honest, I am still wondering myself; for sure, you will learn about me, about what I like to do the most: traveling and meeting new people. I have so many insights to share, so many words written on my notebooks that I do not know how and where to start…

Who am I?

Oh, I should have started by introducing myself – My name is Ivanna (with 2 “n”), I am from Vinnytsia in Ukraine which is about 4-hour drive from Kiev. I am 21 years old – even though I look way younger (girl joke inside – please do not tell me that I will turn 22 in 2 months). I have grown up in Ukraine, lived in France, and I am at the moment in the United States.

Are limits always imaginary?

You will have noticed it, I named this lifestyle and traveling blog, because I do think that when one really believes in something or someone, there is nothing that cannot be achieved. I might be considered as a dreamer, and I am really proud of this; from time to time, I live in my own world, traveling in my thoughts and thinking on how things could be different. This aspect has an impact on my daily life: I always forget a thing or another. And to cure this, I could not find anything but having lists: my life is a never-ending series of lists. However, I am a girl that knows what she wants, maybe too much from time to time.

Let’s go back to the notion of limit because I do think it is something that can segregate any population into two groups. I have in my entourage so many people that stopped dreaming, not because they decided to, but because life somehow forced them to do so, due to responsibilities, need to pay the bills, reimburse their mortgage, etc. all those grown-up things. I feel really sad for them, seeing what used to be an internal flame fading days after days.

I have grown up really fast, my childhood was stuffed with a lot of events. At 15, after my parents divorced, I moved alone in an apartment in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. I know what it is to have responsibilities, but I do want to keep this childish mind that I could have lost way too early.

To sum up

My name is Ivanna, and I am starting my own lifestyle and traveling blog. Limits are imaginary, and even if you do not think so, please allow me to think this way.

P.S.There is this quote that a close friend of mine once told me that comes back into my mind while I am writing this: “The Past is history. The Future is a mystery. Today is a gift. That is why we call it the present” – this quote should be the whole humanity anthem; no one can predict what tomorrow will look like, so let’s make today a day full of adventure, discoveries and why not… love.








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