From San Francisco with love

San Francisco, Limits are imaginary

The title – it is how I hope to sign letters and postcards in few years from now.  San Francisco turns out to be a city of my heart. It was a love from first sight. Even though, my heart broke a little on the way to the airport I knew it wasn’t a goodbye.

A must see and do list in San Francisco

This city has everything I could ever dream of: charming neighborhoods, Victorian architecture houses, breathtaking sunsets, incredible landscapes, magically changing color sky, delicious food… I can go on and on! You have to see it with your own eyes. From my side, I’ll try to help you to make the most of your visit by giving some practical advice.

Golden Gate is obviously a must. I have heard that it is especially beautiful when covered by Karl The Fog ( I am not kidding, this fog even has its twitter @KarlTheFog)

Pier 39 is an another must. You’ll get a show from sea lions- they are very amusing.That’s where you can try the seafood chowder in a bowl of bread

San Francisco is the city of mind-blowing views, and one of them opens from the Twin Peaks

Coit Tower is located in the Pioneer Park. Make sure to walk there because on the way you will see beautiful small gardens. If you are lucky enough, you will hear the colony of parrots or if you aren’t that lucky, they will drop some fruits on your head

A cable car is a very touristy but yet worth doing experience. You will pay $7 for a short drive but what a fascinating one!  You can also download the app MuniMobile to get around with public transportation

The Cliff House restaurant… It is a place for your perfect breakfast. You don’t really think about the food anymore because the view takes all your senses away. Just to make it clear if you don’t go there then I wrote this entire blogpost… this entire website – for nothing!

Visit Golden Gate Park with beautiful Conservatory of flowers and lots of other museums. By the way, every Thursday California Academy Of Sciences has an evening event for 21+ only. Make sure to check it out

I heard people screaming from joy when riding down on Lombard Street, maybe you should try too. Don’t crush tourists standing on the road though

Enjoy the architecture of Castro district – one of the first LGBT neighborhoods in the United States. It has lots of nice places to have a coffee and you can make plenty of colorful pictures

Few more advice:

  •  Book your Alcatraz tour tickets in advance        
  • When walking in the downtown pass by Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory
  • Try some Irish coffee – some claim it was invented in San Francisco
  •  If you are looking for shopping spots, go to The Union Square

Secret Tip

Look for “Public open space” signs at the entrance of building- that's how you can get to the rooftops in the downtown.

Tips from Uber driver Peter

On the last day, we had a ride with Peter, this guy was as much in love with San Francisco as me but he had more time to discover it. I wrote down some of his gastronomic advice for my next trip to this city, and I am sharing it with you:

Street San Francisco
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  1. Happy that you enjoyed the reading! Let me know if you discover something worth sharing when you go to San Fransisco.

  2. San Francisco also has a special food called “Sushirrito”, which is essentially using sushi rice instead of tortilla for the burrito. I highly recommend you to try it if you have the chance to go there one more time!

    And there is an endless list of Chinese restaurants to recommend for SF and the Bay Area!

  3. Sounds awesome!

    I’ll check those out the next time I go to San Francisco (hopefully)!!

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