Dreaming or planning: what is your next travel destination

Dreaming or planning

How many times were you thinking about going somewhere? Or when someone described their last trip you had this thought: “ Oh, I should definitely go there”…

Bite me if I lie by saying this but 95% of the times nothing happens after. You know what? It’s great because if you dream of hundred destinations you’ll go to five of them.

Ask any of my professors how much time I have spent searching flight tickets instead of listening to a lecture. I can’t stress enough that within the student budget you are not choosing your next destination but it chooses you. You ask me: Oh, really? Where did you go this way?

Have a look at the gallery of destinations that have chosen me:

  • Amsterdam
    Nice - Amsterdam 60$

How does it work?

have tried different approaches:

  • Checking the low-cost airlines flying from the nearest airport is a good place to start
  • Kayak Explore is a great way of inspiration (I suggest that you start by typing your airport and click “anytime” so you have an overall idea. After that start narrowing down to what interests you the most)
  • Buying tickets 9-12 months in advance is always a good deal. ( Sometimes you don’t use it but in most of the cases you make it work)
  • Sometimes you can take a bus to a bigger city and save 80% on your flight to the desired destination. That’s what I am doing to travel in the US and, not to show off… well… just a little bit,  I’ve traveled more in the US than most of Americans.

P.S. My next low-cost destination is to West Coast of United States (Las-Vegas; Los-Angeles; San Francisco). We have just 6 days: we are flying long distances between cities and taking a bus for a short distance. The total budget for the transportation ( 3 bus and 5 flight tickets) is 300$ and I do not have friends who work in airlines, it’s all about Destinations That Choose You.

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